10 reasons why you should install a shower in your next RV

10 reasons why you should install a shower in your next RV

Photo by @jadeandkev_ featuring our two-part deluxe shower cubicle

I could give you a million reasons why you'd want to install a motorhome shower cubicle in your RV, but you have many other things to do with time, so I'll trim it down to only 10. 

Taking a shower in itself is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things to do.

For me, it’s where some of my best ideas and thinking come from.
They just spring up when I’m under the flow of that water, which generally needs to happen pretty quick cause water on board my Sprinter Campervan (and in general) is scarce!

Aside from the bright ideas, below are outlined 10 reasons why you and everyone else should have a shower cubicle or better still, a shower toilet cubicle unit installed in their recreational vehicles.

And even if you’re just looking for general campervan conversion ideas, there are some great tips for you too, so keep reading!

You get to stay fresh all the time

With the scorching Australian heat, it’s rare you can go more than a day or two without a scrub, especially at the end of the day before jumping into bed.

After a series of your daily fun activities, you are bound to get all sweaty and tired.

It’s always too much hassle and stress to drive around town to a caravan park merely looking for a place to shower when after all, you could take it right where you are.
It’s what you would do at (your other) home and remember, home is where you park it ;)

Then even after you’ve driven around all afternoon trying to get into a caravan park or even a beach car park shower - which never seems to have the taps attached to them anymore mind you, you might not even get to take that shower and going to bed smelly and sticky is something ain’t nobody got time for.

Like the look of the shower featured above? So do we! Our friends 
@jadeandkev_ have done a fantastic job with our two-part deluxe fibreglass shower cubicle. Head over to their Instagram and check them out. 

Get Off-grid

A little ‘me’ time or a family getaway never hurt anyone. It’s a time to reconnect - bond with family and get back to nature.

Being away from civilization and all the chaos of the urban jungle, or even the busy van park, it’s an excellent way to retreat and strategize in nature without the outside world being involved.

But… if you think ahead and when you’re doing your campervan conversion you install a shower cubicle it will definitely be a lifesaver if you aren't feeling too inclined with your animalistic side to do it in the woods.

Cause you know, glamping is a thing now right?

Save Money off Caravan Parks

Cheaper parks charge about $20 – $35 for a single night in a site that is unpowered, and the prices only skyrocket from there.

If you were to go on a week-long trip, the extra caravan park charge because of the need to use the toilet and take a shower could be avoided altogether.
This money could, in turn, be used for things way more fun and beneficial to your trip.

Plus, it isn't every time you get to the park, you'd find the showers in good condition. It could be dirty, not functioning, or even closed when you need it the most.  

A little touch of home

Home is where we feel most comfortable, and it’s a personal sanctuary for self recuperation. It is called a motorhome for a reason, a sanctuary on the move. Complete your sanctuary with a shower cubicle; make yours a true home away from home.
Or like I mentioned earlier, installing a shower toilet combo and your sanctuary has a bathroom.
It simply means to include a toilet, basin and shower door with your shower cubicle and you’re good to go. 

Hot water any time 

Naturally, when you install a shower, you’ll install hot water to have in it. Gone are the days on having a little black pouch on the roof all day to get some hot water in the evening for washing dishes.

With RV instant hot water units being so cheap, affordable and compact these days, it becomes really simple to include into your camper van conversion. 

Ok granted, it’s more of a point towards hot water in general, but deciding to install a shower comes first, then the other benefits flow in with it.

Rain, hail, snow or shine, having this kind of setup while you go on an adventure at any time of the year can be the difference whether you actually go at all.

Makes your day to day planning a lot more simple

Most daily plans begin with getting clean first and then heading off to the various activities of life. If there is a slur in one's plan, it could disrupt the entire day.

Having a shower installed in your RV prevents any hiccups that could arise when you want to take your shower for the day.
You never know what you are going to find at the caravan park bathroom once you get there. Eradicate these time wasters and move on with your day.

Having a shower also helps to plan from a much earlier time frame because you won't have to wait for these external factors. 

Want to read more about how to DIY install a shower in your motorhome or caravan? CLICK HERE

Once you have a shower, you’ll have space for a toilet and basin too

We design most of our shower cubicles to suit either the Thetford 402C or Thetford C263, and our basin is conveniently designed around our basin tap which also has a 1.5m pull-out hose so it becomes a shower tap too.
Plus, to house your toilet paper, we complete the kit with a very handy toilet paper storage box.

No additional plumbing, no soggy dunny paper - clever huh?  

This means you get an ordinary bathroom so you don't have to brush your teeth in the same place you do the dishes. 

When you gotta go, you gotta go

There are times when out on the road and nature calls... When you need to excuse yourself, it's best not to have to drive halfway around town looking for the closest public toilet.

Nobody likes going into the service station and sheepishly asking for the key to the bathroom when you ain’t buying anything at all.
You might even have to sneak in the back door of a pub late at night sometimes. Best case scenario is being in a caravan park and having to do the dash in the night with your torch.
Do you really want to grab your torch and start walking around the cold park, looking for the toilet? I think not.  

You would save yourself all this dilemma once you install a shower toilet combo in your next RV.

Saves you the risk of getting an infection

A lot of people use the convenience of a caravan park, and I mean a lot!
Most times, once you get an infection, symptoms don't occur until days later, which you’re then wondering where it came from in the first place.

You don't know everyone in the park, and even if you do, you can't remember their history.

Having your shower toilet cubicle for motorhome installed during the initial van conversion will automatically remove the need of relying on the park's facilities if any health situation should arise. 

Adds value to the motorhome at resale time

The final reason I’ll provide is one that is really obvious, but often overlooked and not considered.

If you’ve ever built or renovated your (brick and mortar) home with the intention of selling down the track, you’ll most likely have been given the advice to build with the sale in mind.
This means, consider what will be most valuable to the masses when you want to part with your invested hard-earned money.

Adding a bathroom cubicle significantly increases the value, just the same as having an ensuite off the master bedroom does too.

Our DIY motorhome shower cubicles are made vehicle make & model specific, meaning that if you’re converting a Sprinter van to a motorhome, our showers are made to fit your exact vehicle like a glove. Same goes for Toyota Coaster buses, Fiat Ducatos and loads more including caravan showers to suit most vans. We can package them with a Thetford 402C toilet, a shower front panel & door and also include a basin complete with basin/shower mixer tap and you’re all set to go.  

There you have it, 10 great reasons why you should get a shower cubicle, or better, a toilet shower combo unit installed in your next RV. It makes life a lot easier, It's more comfortable and convenient and it would save you money and time in the long run. You won’t regret it.