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Installing gas onto your RV is a great idea. Ensuring it's done legally is an even better one! Did you know it's illegal to store the gas cylinder inside your RV when you have gas fitted?

The Australian Gas Standard (AS/NZS 5601.2:2013) states that if you have fixed gas appliances installed, you must not be able to access the gas bottle from inside the vehicle. The gas bottle must be stored in an externally accessible gas box which is air-tight to the inside of the vehicle.

Which Recreation Vehicles do you sell gas storage boxes for?

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What type of gas storage boxes do you sell?

DIY RV Solutions designs and manufactures the following fibreglass gas storage boxes:

  • Single Gas Box suitable for 1 x 4 kg gas bottle
  • Double Gas Box suitable for 2 x 4 kg gas bottles (front & rear) when width is limited
  • Twin Gas Box suitable for 2 x 4 kg gas bottles (side-by-side) when depth is limited

When trying to understand which size gas storage box you require, start with your personal needs.

  • Do you want to be off-grid for an extended time?
  • Will you run multiple gas appliances like a cooktop and hot water heater? 
  • Will you be in a remote area?
  • Would you prefer more internal storage space?

A single gas storage box is great for campervans and basic Vanlife needs, whereas if you are building a bigger motorhome and the space is available, a double or twin gas storage compartment is a better option. 

We design and manufacture our range of gas storage boxes specifically suited to each make and model. Our process includes creating products that are contoured to the shape of the vehicle. As a result, you maximise the space and allow for a seamless installation as it is made to fit like a glove. We have Gas Boxes to suit the most popular model vehicles however, if we don't have your make or model then opt for the adaptable Universal Gas Storage Box. 

What other things should I consider when installing gas to my RV conversion?

One of the most important things to consider is, who will perform the gas installation and certification. Unless you are a licenced plumber/gas-fitter, you cannot install the gas system yourself. Gas is extremely dangerous when not installed by a licensed professional and additionally, it will become very difficult to register your vehicle as the gas certificate is required as part of the final inspection. 

All states & territories have their own regulations and we can only provide basic advice, so make sure you speak to your own local authorities and the licenced professional who will be doing the installation, they will also advise on the correct gas regulator, cylinder compartment identification and other accessories that are part of the legal requirements. 

View our range below of Gas Storage Boxes suitable for your DIY campervan, motorhome, caravan, slide-on camper conversions and Vanlife needs below.