Toyota Hiace Campervan Conversion

The Toyota Hiace is an incredibly popular van for a number of uses.

The very first Hiace was released in October of 1967 and over many many years, it has been the vehicle of choice for many. A workhorse for tradespeople, a taxi and transport vehicle, an ambulance in some countries but without a doubt, using the Toyota Hiace as a campervan is obviously one of our clear favourites.

As there are so many uses for these great vans across so many various countries which they're available in, identifying them by name can often become confusing. Here is a quick rundown from recent years of the relevant models - oldest to newest

Third Generation Toyota Hiace 1982 - 1989

We won't go into this model as they're not widely used anymore, but you can contact us if you're fitting one out and looking for parts. 

Fourth Generation Toyota Hiace 1989 - 2004

Known as the Pre 05 model and came in 3 wheelbase sizes; Standard, LWB and SLWB which is also known as the Hiace Commuter.

The pre 05 had a facelift and relaunched in 1994, a second time in 1997 and a final in 2002. It was and still is available in petrol or diesel. 

Many great campervans were made from this model and still make for a good, cheap option plus we still make a gas box and pop-top roof for this model. 

Vehicle dimensions

    • Wheelbase: 2330mm-2890mm
    • Overall Length: 4430mm-5250mm
    • Width: 1960mm
    • Height: 1920mm (standard) 2285mm (commuter)

It's worth mentioning that during this same period there was also the SBV (semi-bonneted van) sold in Australia from 1996 to 2003. Used as a campervan, but nowhere near as popular as the regular pre 05. 

Fifth Generation Toyota Hiace 2004 - 2019DIY RV Fifth-generation Toyota Hiace LWB Poptop van

(pictured above) A fifth-generation Toyota Hiace LWB with a DIY RV Solutions pop-top roof conversion

Known as the Post 05 model with wheelbase sizes being LWB and SLWB and still maintaining the Hiace Commuter badge for its passenger application model. 

Sporting a range of much-needed upgrades to comfort and safety, it was another huge success. 

Vehicle dimensions

    • Wheelbase: 2570mm
    • Overall Length: 4695mm-5380mm
    • Width: 1880mm
    • Height: 1980mm (commuter)
This was and still is a true favourite. Our SLWB & Commuter Hitop roof conversion has been tremendously popular over the years. 
Along with our LWB pop-top conversion, our sleekly styled contoured gas box and are all still available and if you have a SLWB or Commuter which you'd like to have a pop-top roof conversion done, we can do this too. They can be ordered today, simply get in touch with us. DIY RV fifth-generation Toyota Hiace SLWB Hitop roof
(pictured above) A fifth-generation Toyota Hiace SLWB with a DIY RV Solutions Hitop roof conversion

Sixth Generation Toyota Hiace 2019 - Present
DIY RV sixth-generation Toyota Hiace LWB poptop roof

(pictured above) A sixth-generation Toyota Hiace LWB with a DIY RV Solutions pop-top roof conversion

Known as the new Hiace, cause what else would we call it? Post 19 just doesn't have the same ring to it. 

With the Australian release on 28th May 2019 and loaded with options, new features and a proud history behind it, we immediately received enquires and requests for product availability.
We immediately got to work and within a few months, we were installing our very own universal pop-top to the LWB model. The client was so happy, they proceeded to order another 9 and counting. 

This time Toyota has offered the van in five badge variants: LWB Van, LWB Crew Van, SLWB Van, SLWB Commuter and Commuter GL and they even added a petrol 3.5L V6 engine to some models. 
Their turbodiesel engine is also more efficient than ever and both turbodiesel & petrol V6 are available with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. 

Vehicle dimensions

    • Wheelbase: 3210mm-3860mm
    • Overall Length: 5265mm-5915mm
    • Width: 1950mm
    • Height: 1990mm-2280mm

We're already offering an extensive range of products the new Hiace in both LWB and SLWB models

A few questions we often get asked 

Is the Commuter and the SLWB the same model? 
Yes. Well, they're the same once you've removed the all the passenger seats from the commuter. 

What does LWB & SLWB model mean?
LWB & SLWB are abbreviations. They mean Long Wheel Base and Super Long Wheel Base respectively. 

Our range of fibreglass products specific for all of the Toyota Hiace models (pre 05, post 05 & the new Hiace) is extensive and we've designed them to ensure best fit and space optimisation. 

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