The Ultimate DIY Project for COVID-19: Why You Should Be Using Self-Isolation to Do Your DIY RV Conversion

DIY RV mercedes vito pop top

If there is one thing we know about COVID-19, it is that things will eventually get better. We just have to deal with a little bit of uncertainty in the coming months before things return to normal.

But for now, the most responsible thing we can all do – stay at home and self-isolate!

But staying at home doesn’t mean all your DIY projects need to stop.
You aren’t confined to your bedroom to watch television while you ride out this pandemic.
Now is the time to go into that workshop and finally finish those DIY projects you’ve had on the back burner for months.

We are just spitballing here... but you could build a new kitchen table (with the restaurants shutting down, you will be doing a lot of cooking anyway).

You could also make some DIY hand sanitizer to constantly keep your hands virus-free.

How about that DIY dollhouse project you promised your little one? That would surely put a smile on their face in these depressing times.

But we have a better project in mind (you probably guessed it): get cracking on that DIY campervan conversion!

Here are a few reasons why this is the best thing you should be doing in self-isolation right now.

Bargains are around the corner

The reverberations of COVID-19 are being felt by almost every industry worldwide… and the motor industry is no exception.

Unfortunately, this turn in the market has led to many businesses selling their vehicles at a cheaper price in order to stay afloat.

Now is the best time to purchase your new motorhome-to-be with bargains around the corner. And with the money you save, you can channel that towards doing your DIY RV conversion.
When things get back to normal and prices go up again, you will be glad you took this opportunity to purchase the vehicle you wanted at a cheaper price.

The van community is rallying together to offer help

The Vanlife & Grey Nomad community is now in lockdown, people have got a lot of time on their hands. And if there is one thing the van community Down Under is known for, it is their helpfulness.

Everyone is trying to connect and help others with their RV conversions.
So if you want tips, there is a whole community in lockdown that is eager to help you out.

And we are here too! We have plenty of products to help transform that RV into your dream motorhome.
Should you need help, we’re simply a phone call away if you need assistance with any of our products.

A chance to save and earn

When the pandemic is over and life starts to return to normal, you will have a newly outfitted van.

This gives you an opportunity to move out and regain some of the dollars you lost during the lockdown.
If you are renting, you can move out for a while and save on rental cost. And if you are a homeowner, you can still move out and put your house up for rent while you hit the open road

A chance to make a profit

Once the COVID-19 outbreak is over, the van community will not waste time when it comes to hitting the road.

There will be loads of people who will be looking for the perfect RV to quickly begin their open-road adventures… that RV could be the one you just outfitted!

This is a chance to sell that RV you bought for cheap and turn it into a pretty penny, you know, provide a nice little cashflow stimulus boost of your own. 

Supporting local Australian businesses

During this time, businesses will need your support more than ever.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can finish your DIY campervan conversion while simultaneously supporting local Australian businesses. This is a win-win for everyone involved!

There are plenty of RV product manufacturers, outfitters, campervan layout designers and other vanlife-related businesses who are eager for your business. We are all in this together. And if we’re going to make it through –  all of us – we need to support each other.

Best for social distancing

At the time of writing this, the latest research shows the virus causing the COVID-19 disease is not airborne – it spreads from one person to another.

With no vaccine available at the moment, our best course of action is to prevent the spread in order to give our health systems a chance to serve those in need. 

Moreover, it is the best delay tactic until the vaccine is ready. 

Social distancing is the best way to not only stay healthy and prevent the spread but also contribute to help save the lives of others.

This is one of your biggest duties to humanity, and we thank you for it!

If you are worried about getting COVID-19, an RV is a great way to social distance yourself from potential threats.

We know it is unusual to picture using an RV for anything other than hitting the open road, but these are unusual times.

An RV helps you to stay in one location and self-quarantine yourself from the world.

In the unfortunate scenario that you or a loved one get the disease, self-isolation becomes a must.
You or your loved one can stay in the RV and focus on getting better without worrying about passing the virus onto someone else.

A well-outfitted RV will have everything needed to live in self-isolation.

You've started converting your RV already?

You might have already started doing a shower installation or door conversion, but couldn’t get time to finish the project.

With the pressures of modern life, it can be hard to complete this kind of DIY conversion project. And when a project drags on for months, procrastination becomes the name of the game.

With the slowing down of modern life, you will have some free time to do in weeks what could have taken months.
People are now working from home and there is no need for long commutes.

Plus, the nights and weekends are wide open now that you no longer have to attend 45 different birthday parties or attend 65 dinner parties.

While you work on finishing your new motorhome, make sure you do the following things. They will definitely come in handy if you must self-isolate in the RV.

Shower conversion

There are plenty of good reasons to do an RV shower conversion, but the current pandemic makes it a great necessity.

Many Vanlifers don’t do shower conversions because they can easily stop at a gym or camping ground to take a shower. But when the need to self-isolate comes, you will have to avoid using these places and you'll need to install a shower in your motorhome or caravan conversion.

Permanent gas installation

Gas is one of the must-have energy sources for your conversion every day of the week. But when the time comes to isolate yourself from potential coronavirus carriers, it is your best friend. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cheap and efficient: LPG is far cheaper than butane, kerosene and diesel. And even the smallest of gas bottles can allow you to do a lot of things before they run out.
  • Versatile: Speaking of doing a lot of things, gas is extremely versatile. You can use it to run your fridge, kitchen stove, outdoor cooker, water heater and your space heater for when the season gets frosty. 
  • Makes an RV feel like home: LPG with a permanent gas stove installation can make the conversion feel like home. No need to go out and struggle with a kerosene burner that is sacrificing fuel to the wind. On top of that, you will always have hot water to use with that shower conversion you did. 

Unsure where to begin with your gas installation? CLICK HERE

There are plenty more reasons why you need to install gas in your RV. However, the above-mentioned reasons make the most sense for self-isolators.

Door conversion

You might be wondering why converting your wizz-bang door is essential to self-isolation… and we’re glad you asked! Here are a few reasons why your motorhome needs a DIY sliding door conversion:

  • Cooling down: Australia can get pretty hot at night, and a door conversion can let in some much-needed air for a good night’s rest. And they usually have a security mesh that not only keeps away burglars but flies, mozzies, snakes and other creepy crawlies as well. 
  • Creates more space: Since you will be moving into the RV during self-isolation, you need all the space you can get. A sliding door gives you that… now you can have more room for your stuff in the RV!

Even after the pandemic is over and you need to take your motorhome out on the road, a door conversion is still a must. You’re welcome BTW!

You might want to take that baby out for a spin

After you've completed the van conversion, your RV will undoubtedly look stylish and be all set up that you can’t help but take it for a spin cause adventure awaits

After being cooped up in your home or RV for a while, the road will be calling out louder than ever. With borders open and the ability to go anywhere restored, you won’t be able to resist answering that call. 

We promise that by this time, you’ll be ready to leave your house and go on this adVANture holiday more than anything else. If not, you can always keep sitting around reading these lousy puns!