Door Conversions & Panels

We can supply our professionally ​manufactured fibreglass panel & the motor home-style door to replace the sliding door in your van. Eliminate that annoying sound of the sliding door in the middle of the night, waking up the family and neighbours and losing friends!

These panels are hard to come by and are keenly sought after in the professional Motor Home industry. The panels are manufactured in our factory at Wakerley and can be delivered all over Australia including Tasmania!

​Most of our customers are able to take advantage of this DIY option which can save you a substantial amount of money. Simply remove the existing sliding door and replace it with our door panel and door!

Would the colour of the door and panel match my vehicle?

We have colour matched the Arctic White Mercedes Sprinter colour in gelcoat as close as possible. The Volkswagen & Ford Transit & Toyota Coaster are not colour matched but are close.

Are the doors & panels safe?

The Motorhome Door is an Australian made product and has ADR approved acrylic.

  • ​The main door separates from the security door
  • Heavy duty rigid & strong aluminium extrusions
  • Solid one piece laminated infill panels
  • Ventilated to comply with Australian Gas Codes
  • Specially extruded water & dust seals
  • Ready for immediate installation into aperture
  • 3 point locking dual purpose door incorporating security screen

What type of vehicles do you have Door Conversions for?

We design and manufacture door conversions & panels to suit:

  • ​Pre 07 Mercedes Sprinter (including MWB, LWB, Ex LWB, Medium & High Roof)
  • Post 07 Mercedes Sprinter Conversion fits the High Roof van only. (Standard roof also available installed at our factory)
  • Volkswagen Crafter & LT35s share the same body parts as the Mercedes Sprinters so the Sprinter conversions will also fit these vans
  • 2000 - Current Ford Transit Vans Mid & High Roof
  • 1993 - Current Toyota Coaster NE (choice of 2 doors) Fully ADR Approved Door Now Available!

​What should I keep in mind if considering a DIY Door Conversion project?

You should check with your local engineer as each state has different rules & regulations.

You may not be able to have a seat belted seat opposite the door.

There are bolts on the track on the inside of the van that will need to be accessed. So, if your van is empty it would be best to do the door conversion before installing cabinetry.

If you already have cabinetry or similar installed and can't access the bolts there is the option of leaving the runner fixed and simply cutting it where it curves inward. Some people do this and make use of the runner, using it to attach tables and the like. If you can remove the runner, we supply a neat fibreglass strip to cover the unsightly bolt holes.

What do I need to fit a need door & its panel?

  • ​​Sikaflex 291 or similar & a few Tek screws
  • To cut out the area where the motorhome door is installed in the panel
  • To build a frame on the inside of the cut out to attach the motorhome door
  • To line the inside of the panel with materials/style of your personal choice
  • To fill in the step area, again your choice of style